Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service

In this post, we will help you reach Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service and talk to a live person about any issues you are having purchasing, using, or getting money off your MoneyPak. However, before we do that, we will give you a brief summary of the Green Dot MoneyPak Card and what you should know before calling customer service.

"Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service"

What is Green Dot MoneyPak?

Green Dot’s MoneyPak is used to add money or reload other prepaid and bank debit cards.

The MoneyPak can be a handy tool if you frequently use prepaid debit cards and is available at many retailers across the country.

A MoneyPak comes with a scratch-off 14-digit serial number.

To transfer funds to a prepaid debit card, you have to call or visit the MoneyPak or Green Dot websites and enter the 14-digit serial number.

For details on MoneyPak and how to purchase one, create an online account, and add money from MoneyPak to your Prepaid card, see our MoneyPak Review.

Before You Call Customer Service

Before you call the Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service team, it is important to know what the top issues people call customer service for and what you should expect if you are calling about one of the following issues:

How do I get money off a Green Dot MoneyPak card?

Here’s how to reload the money from the MoneyPak onto your Prepaid Debit Card:

Step 1 – Create a Secure Login

The first time you use MoneyPak, you will need to enter your MoneyPak number and create a Secure Login. will remember your information, making future visits fast and easy.

For help in creating a MoneyPak online account, click here.

Step 2 – Verify mobile

Verify your mobile phone by following the prompts during setup.

Step 3 – Load card

Enter your prepaid or bank debit card number. The funds on the MoneyPak will be deposited to the card.

Check your card’s eligibility. MoneyPak will only work with prepaid or bank debit cards that have been activated and are personalized with the recipient’s name.

How do I check the balance on my green dot MoneyPak?

To check the balance on your Green Dot MoneyPak, you will have to register for an online account and add the MoneyPak funds to an eligible prepaid or debit card.

See instructions above on how to create a MoneyPak account or log in.

Once you have successfully added MoneyPak funds to your prepaid account, you will be able to see the balance of the MoneyPak on your prepaid card based on the amount that was added.

Where Can I buy MoneyPak?

MoneyPak is available at 70,000 retail locations nationwide, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores. This includes the following stores:

  • Walmart
  • Safeway
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree
  • Family Dollar
  • 7-Eleven
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • Ralph
  • Winn Dixie

Pick one up for a flat fee of $5.95 and load up to $500.

To find a MoneyPak location near you, click here.

What if I lose my MoneyPak Number?

Once you load cash to a MoneyPak, the MoneyPak number on the back of the package is the same as cash.

If you lose the MoneyPak or give the MoneyPak number to the wrong person and the MoneyPak is used, Green Dot cannot refund your money.

Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service Number

If you have questions about your Green Dot MoneyPak and would like to speak with a customer service representative, you should follow the instructions below:

Here’s how to reach the MoneyPak customer service team.

Call 1- (866) 795-7969.

If you are a victim of MoneyPak fraud, report a MoneyPak card scam online here.

How to Speak to a Live Person at Green Dot MoneyPak

One of the biggest complaints of the Green Dot MoneyPak is how hard it is to reach a live person.

We have detailed below a step by step process on how to talk to a human at Green Dot MoneyPak – based on our own testing of the best way to reach a live person.

Here are the three ways you can reach a live person at MoneyPak:

Option 1

Dial 1-866-795-7597 and then press 5.

After that, an auto-attendant will ask you to enter your card number or Social Security Number.

Once you enter the requested information, you will be connected to a live customer service person.

Option 2

Dial number which is shown on the back of your MoneyPak. Then press 5 and then 6.

Option 3

Dial 1-866-795-7597 and then press 5.

Next, enter your MoneyPak information and then press 5 (for “Additional information”).

Then press 4 (for “Transaction you do not recognize”).

Next, press 2 for every question the automated voice operator asks after that.

You will get directed to a live person after a few tries.

It is important to note that you may be placed on hold for a while as hold times have been reported to be a little long.

Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service Summary

We hope this post on Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Service was helpful.

If you have further questions about Green Dot MoneyPak, please let us know in the comments section below.

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