McDonald’s Gift Card Balance

Are you trying to check the balance on your McDonald’s Gift Card? In today’s post, we will outline the ways you can find out your McDonald’s Gift Card Balance. In addition, before you use your gift card to shop at McDonald’s, learn the best McDonald’s money-saving tips and tricks in our “10 Money-Saving Secrets McDonald’s Employees Won’t Tell You” below.

"McDonald's gift card balance"

McDonald’s Gift Card Balance

Here’s how to check the balance on your McDonald’s gift card:

1: Visit any McDonald’s store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you.
2: Check your balance online.

10 Money-Saving Secrets McDonald’s Employees Won’t Tell You

McDonald’s, known for its iconic golden arches, offers more than just fast food; it holds secrets for saving money that most employees won’t readily disclose.

Here are 10 insider tips to help you save on your next McDonald’s visit:

  1. DIY Cheaper Meals: Instead of ordering a Sausage Egg McMuffin, buy a sausage muffin and a side of round egg separately to save money. Similarly, a sundae with McFlurry toppings costs less than a McFlurry.
  2. Avoid Additional Charges: Be cautious about adding extras like double lettuce or cheese to your Big Mac, as they come with additional costs.
  3. Cash-Only Periods at 24-Hour Locations: During the nightly system reset, only cash is accepted. If you’re craving a late-night snack, be sure to have cash on hand.
  4. Customize Your Sauce for Free: Don’t hesitate to request a different sauce for your order; it won’t cost you extra.
  5. Opt for Freshly Made Items: You can always request your food to be freshly made. This might take a bit longer but ensures you get the freshest meal possible.
  6. No Official Secret Menu: McDonald’s doesn’t have a secret menu, but they’re willing to make almost anything with the ingredients they have if you specify your order.
  7. Receipt Request for Freshest Food: Asking for a receipt might signal to employees that you’re evaluating their service, possibly resulting in quicker and fresher service.
  8. Order Items Separately: Sometimes, ordering components of a meal separately can be cheaper than buying a meal deal.
  9. Employee Discounts: If you’re an employee, take advantage of the various discounts offered, including on other services and products outside McDonald’s.
  10. Drive-Thru Prioritization: Orders placed at the drive-thru are often prioritized over in-store orders, so using the drive-thru could result in quicker service.

Bonus Tips:

  • Ice Cream Machine Cleaning: The often “broken” ice cream machine is usually undergoing a lengthy cleaning process. Timing your visit right might get you that desired McFlurry.
  • Real Eggs in Egg McMuffins: The eggs used in McMuffins are real, cracked right on the grill using special rings for that perfect round shape.
  • Avoid Apple Pies and Breakfast Burritos: Due to lower demand, these items may not be the freshest on the menu.
  • Non-salt Fries Request: Asking for fries without salt means a fresh batch cooked just for you, but expect a little delay.
  • Bring Cash During System Updates: Be prepared with cash during system updates at 24-hour locations, as card machines might be temporarily down.
  • Strict Hiring Process: Despite common perceptions, getting a job at McDonald’s can be challenging due to their selective hiring process.

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McDonald’s Gift Card Balance Summary

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