How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard and would like to check the balance, we will walk you through the process.

This post on How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance will cover:

  • Why You Should Check Your Card Balance Regularly
  • How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance
  • How to Speak to a Live Person at Walmart MoneyCard
  • Walmart MoneyCard Frequently Asked Questions

"How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance"

Why You Should Check Your Card Balance Regularly

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard, it is important to keep track of money coming into your account and how much is going out.

This is important, especially if you are using the card to pay bills and also make purchases at the same time.

That is why we recommend checking the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard regularly.

You can use this opportunity to also review completed transactions and make note of pending transactions that have not yet cleared.

That way, you know how much money you have in your account that can be used to make purchases or how much you have available to withdraw at an ATM.

In the post below, we will explain the different ways you can check the balance on your card.

If you checked your balance and there is an issue or you have suspicious transactions, we have provided tips below on how to call customer service and speak to a live person.

At the end of the post, we have also provided answers to the most asked questions about the Walmart MoneyCard for your convenience.

How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance

There are four options available to you for checking your Walmart MoneyCard balance:

Option 1: Use the Mobile App

The Walmart MoneyCard mobile app allows you to check your card balance. Simply download the app from Google Play or the App Store and log in with your User ID and Password to access your account information balance.

If you don’t remember your User ID or Password, or have not yet set up your online MoneyCard account, see our Walmart MoneyCard Login article for help.

Option 2: Sign up for Text Message

You can also check your MoneyCard balance by signing up for text alerts. This can be done by logging into your account and opting in for text alerts.

Once you’ve opted-in, here’s how to check your card balance by text.

  1. Enter a text message to Walmart – Text “BALXXXX” (last 4-digits of your card) to 96411 to retrieve your balance.

    For example, If the last four numbers of your Walmart MoneyCard are “4578,” enter a text message that reads “BAL 4578.”
  2. Send the text message – Send the text message to “96411,” which spells “WM411.”
  3. Wait for a response – After a few moments, check your text messages for a text from Walmart that shows your current Walmart MoneyCard balance.

Walmart does not charge a fee to use this service, but your mobile phone carrier may charge text messaging fees.

Option 3: Receive Account Alerts

If you prefer to receive a daily text or email message with your balance, log-in to your MoneyCard account online and enroll in account alerts.

Option 4: Call Customer Service

Lastly, you can also check the balance on your card by calling customer service at 1-877-937-4098. A representative can help you with any questions you may have about your balance or transactions.

If after checking your Walmart MoneyCard balance, you notice any suspicious or transaction you did not make, here’s what to do:

Call Walmart MoneyCard customer service right away. Here’s how to connect to a live representative call.

How to Speak to a Live Person at Walmart MoneyCard

Here’s how to speak to a Live Person at Walmart Customer Service

Step 1 – Call the customer service phone number at 1-877-937-4098

Step 2 – You will hear the auto-attendant go through menu options. Press 5, then enter your Social Security Number and Zip Code.

Walmart MoneyCard Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked transaction questions about the MoneyCard.

What Does Pending Transaction Mean?

A transaction in a “Pending” status in your MoneyCard account means that purchase may not post to your card for a few days.

To make sure you have enough money for a purchase, merchants request approval for the purchase amount.

This holds the money for them and is considered a “pending” purchase until the merchant actually collects the money from Walmart MoneyCard.

However, once the merchant collects the money from Walmart MoneyCard, that transaction then changes into a “posted” purchase.

You can review both your pending and posted purchases on the Transaction History page in your Walmart MoneyCard account.

Why is the amount pending sometimes different than what I actually spent?

This is common with charges made at hotels, car rentals, and restaurants.

These businesses typically have a policy that requires them to pre-authorize and temporarily hold an amount of money from your card balance that is greater than your actual purchase amount.

However, once your purchase is processed by the merchant, your card balance will reflect the amount of your actual purchase.

The availability of the pre-authorized funds can take up to 10 days (90 days for car rentals) to be released back into your card balance.

Can I deposit cash to my Walmart MoneyCard account using an ATM?

Unfortunately, you cannot deposit cash to a Walmart MoneyCard using an ATM.

However, there are 4 convenient ways to deposit cash to your card:

The first option is using the Walmart MoneyCard app.

Another way of adding cash to your card is by using the Walmart Rapid Reload process.

Third, you can also deposit cash into your account using the MoneyPak service.

Finally, an easy way to add cash to your card is by going to a participating Walmart store and adding cash or by cashing a check and adding the money to your card.


We hope this post on How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance was helpful.

If your question was not answered and are still having trouble checking your card balance, please let us know in the comments section below.

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