Vanilla Gift Card Balance

Are you trying to check the balance on your Vanilla Gift Card? In today’s post, we will outline the ways you can find out your Vanilla Gift Card Balance. In addition, before you use your gift card to shop at Vanilla, learn the most frequently asked questions about Vanilla, including how to dispute a transaction and how to file a complaint.

"Vanilla gift card balance"

Vanilla Gift Card Balance

Here’s how to check the balance on your Vanilla gift card:

1: Call 1-833-322-6760 to check your Vanilla card balance.
2: Check your balance online.

FAQs about Vanilla Gift Card

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Vanilla gift cards:

How can I use my Vanilla Gift Card in-store?

First, know your balance by visiting or calling 1-833-322-6760.

If using another payment method, inform the cashier of the amount for each.

Note that not all merchants allow split payments and a hold of up to 20% above the purchase amount may apply.

Swipe your card, choose “Credit” or enter a 4-digit PIN. Your Vanilla eGift Card is compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

How do I shop online with my Vanilla Gift Card?

Ensure your card balance covers the total purchase cost, including taxes.

Some transactions may require a 20% hold above the purchase amount.

Choose “Credit” or “Debit” as the payment method (not “Gift Card”), and enter the card details as if it’s a credit or debit card.

Provide your name and address in the billing section.

How can I add my Vanilla Gift Card to a digital wallet?

Add your Vanilla eGift Card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay by opening the wallet/app, then following the instructions, such as entering the card number manually or taking a photo of the plastic card.

How do I activate my Vanilla Gift Card?

If bought from, your card is usually ready for use.

To activate and check the balance, visit or call the toll-free number on the back of the card.

Provide the card number, valid thru date, and security code.

Where can I use my Vanilla Gift Card?

Your card can be used anywhere Vanilla Cards are accepted in the U.S. and District of Columbia, excluding recurring billing or ATMs.

Your Vanilla Gift Virtual Account works with U.S.-based online, phone, or mail-order merchants that accept Vanilla debit cards.

Physical card transactions are not supported.

Can I use my card at gas stations?

Some gas stations authorize and hold up to $100 or the full card value, whichever is smaller.

To avoid holds, give your card to the attendant to prepay for gas.

Why am I charged more than the receipt amount?

Some transactions, like gas or restaurant purchases, require preauthorization, where the merchant requests a higher amount than the actual purchase.

This hold is released when the transaction is finalized, which can take up to 7 business days.

Vanilla Gift Card Balance Summary

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