How to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order (Step-by-Step)

In this post, we will show you how to fill out a MoneyGram money order. MoneyGram offers money orders in many of their agent locations, including at Walmart. Money orders offer the convenience of a check without the need for a checking account.

However, it is important that you fill out your money order correctly so that it will be accepted for payment and not rejected.

We will walk you through the step-by-step process of filling out your money order.

In addition, we will walk you through how to purchase one, track your money order, and some frequently asked questions about MoneyGram money orders.

"What information do you put on a money order"

This post will cover:

  • What is a Money Order?
  • Where can I Purchase MoneyGram Money Orders?
  • How to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order
  • MoneyGram Money Order FAQs

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a printed certificate that’s written for a certain amount of money, much like a personal check.

However, unlike a check, you need to buy a money order and you have to pay the amount of the money order upfront.

For example, if you want to send a $100 money order, you need to pay $100 upfront, plus the money order fee.

Money orders are popular because they are cheap, simple to fill out, and you don’t need a bank account to get one.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that a money order is as valuable as cash and should be handled carefully.

If it is lost or stolen, you may not be able to recoup your losses.

Where can I Purchase MoneyGram Money Orders?

You can purchase a MoneyGram money order at most MoneyGram locations, including Walmart.

To find a MoneyGram location that offers money orders click here.

How to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order

Here’s how to fill out a MoneyGram money order. We have attached a sample MoneyGram money order below.

We have explained below what the highlighted areas mean and what information you need to fill out in each area.

"How to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order"

Step 1 – Fill in the recipient’s name

Write the name of the person or company where you’re sending the money order to in the “Pay to the Order of:” line.

The recipient will be the only person or company authorized to deposit or cash the money order.

We suggest that you fill out this section as soon as possible.

That way, if your money order is lost or stolen, it cannot be asked or deposited by anyone else, other than the payee whose name is on it.

Step 2 – Sign your name in the “purchaser’s signature” section.

You are the purchaser of the money order and so you should sign the front of the money order in the portion titled “Purchaser’s signature,” “Purchaser,” “From,” “Signer” or “Drawer.”

Do not sign the back of the money order. This is where the person or business that you are paying endorses the money order before they cash it.

Step 3 – Write your address in the Address section

Fill out your complete address — street, city, state, and zip code — on the “Address” line.

This helps the recipient to know how to contact you if there are questions or issues with the payment.

Step 4 – Write your address in the Address section

Include your account number if you’re paying a bill. You can write that at the top of the money order or at the bottom below your address.

Some money orders have a “payment for/account number” field. Filling it out helps make sure your account is credited for the payment.

Keep your receipt

This is your proof of payment. Keep it in a safe place.

Also, in case your money order it is lost or stolen, you can use the tracking number to help you replace it.

However, there may be a processing fee for replacing money orders.

How to Deliver a Money Order

Once you have filled out your MoneyGram Money order, be sure to detach the receipt.

This stub provides the money order’s official identification number, and you can use it to track whether the money order was cashed.

In addition, the stub is the record of your payment.

Next, you can hand-deliver the money order to the recipients o or mail it to your recipient.

As mentioned above, only the recipient will be able to cash it.

MoneyGram Money Order FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about MoneyGram Money Orders.

"Questions and answers about Money Orders"

What address do you put on a money order?

On the address line on your money order, write in the address of the purchaser.
This helps the recipient to know how to contact you if there are questions or issues with the payment.

Who signs the purchaser line on a MoneyGram Money Order?

Some money orders, like MoneyGram, require a purchaser’s name or signature.

Look for a field marked “Signature,” “Purchaser,” or “Drawer” on the front of the document as shown above.

The person buying or sending the money order signs the purchaser line on the MoneyGram money order.

However, do not sign the back of the money order because this is where the recipient signs to endorse the money order.

What information do you need for a MoneyGram money order?

Generally, you need to know the payee’s name, the payment amount, the payee’s address, and the account number if you are paying a bill.

In addition, you will need to bring a valid form of payment to buy the money order.

Typically, you can pay with cash, traveler’s checks, and debit cards.

How do you correct a mistake on a money order?

It is very important that you take your time and fill out your money order correctly.

Follow the steps outlined above.

However, if you fill out the money order wrong or you make a mistake, contact your money order issuer on how to correct your mistake.

Many money order providers and cashiers won’t let you correct the mistake yourself.

In addition, changing the information on the completed money order will make the order ineligible for cashing

Therefore, if you make a mistake, it is better to have the money order canceled and/or refunded.

Can you deposit your own money order?

You may exchange your money order for cash at any branch of the issuing bank.

Alternatively, you can deposit the money order it into your own checking account and wait for its funds to clear.

Does MoneyGram money order expire?

No. MoneyGram money orders do not expire. Money orders that remain uncashed after a year may be subject to a monthly service charge that will reduce the value of the money order.

The amount of the monthly service charge can vary and can be found in the “service charge” section on the back of your money order.

Can a money order be cashed without the purchaser’s signature?

Generally, some money orders require the sender or purchaser to simply write their name on the “Purchaser” line while others may require a signature.

Legally, a purchaser’s signature is not required for a money order to be negotiable since it has been already paid for in cash.

However, the payee listed on the money order sign it (at the back of the money order) in order to receive the cash.

What is the limit for Moneygram money orders?

You can purchase money orders for up to $1,000

In addition, you can purchase as many money orders as you like in one transaction.

Can you cash a MoneyGram money order if it’s filled out?

Yes. If you have already filled out the money order but no longer need it for the payment, you can cash it as the purchaser.

If the money order is not altered and in good condition, you may cash the money order at your bank or a check-cashing store.

Once you are with a teller, write the following phrase: “Not Used for Purpose Intended” on the back of the money order.

However, contact your bank or check casher before going to the location.

Can I get a Refund for a MoneyGram Money Order?

Yes, you can get a refund for your MoneyGram money order.

However, there are rules around the refund process and you should read the form carefully.

To request a refund, complete the “Money Order Claim Card”. Click here to be taken there.

Be sure to sign the bottom of the form. Retain the top half of the form for your records.

Next, mail your completed form to:

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc.
PO Box 610
Minneapolis. MN 55480-0610

How Can I track my Moneygram Money Order?

Tracking your MoneyGram money order is easy.

First, you can find out if your money order has been cashed online. Click here to be taken to the page.

Once there, enter your money order serial number and amount as shown in the image below.

"Track Moneygram money order"

In addition, you can track your money order by calling the automated line at 1-800-542-3590.
You will need to enter your money order number and the exact dollar amount of your money order to get the status.

How much does MoneyGram charge to send $100?

If you are purchasing a $100 MoneyGram money order, you will be charged about $0.70 – seventy cents.

Some Moneygram locations may charge a little more.

However, If you are sending a $100 MoneyGram transfer to someone, how much you pay in fees depends on where you are sending the money.

You can check the fee for sending a MoneyGram transfer online here.

Simply enter the amount, the receiver country, and click “Estimate Fees” as shown below.

"How much does moneygram charge in fees"

What’s the Moneygram Money Order Phone Number?

If you need help with your money order or have complaints about a money order you have purchased, call MoneyGram money order customer service below:

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-542-3590

You can also contact them at the email address below:

Email: [email protected]

How to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order Summary

We hope this post on how to fill out a MoneyGram money order was helpful.

If you have further questions about sending money with MoneyGram, please let us know in the comments section below.

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